Your forced smile that hid the tears (將眼淚隱藏 看著你那逞強的笑容)

I can’t even hold you close like I want to (我卻連拍拍你的肩膀 都無法坦誠做到)

Beyond the light of day Whatever the future might be(黎明的前方 不論會有怎樣的未來)

Only what I believe remains unchanged (我對你的信任都絕不會改變)

The pieces of soul we have lost (迷失的心的碎片)

Surely the moment we both search for them together (兩個人一起找到的那個瞬間 一定)

We will break through and pursue (破壞追逐)

In that cleared sky (在那開創出一片新天地)

Seeking my way (Seeking my way)

And become a ray of light with you (化為一縷光芒 with you)

(This is only the partial English lyrics,not the full English lyrics)

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