At the long road ahead,I keep thinking about you (在遙遠旅程的前方 一直想著你的事)

It feels like only yesterday,I won’t forget how we met (感覺彷如昨日 與你的相逢 我不會遺忘)

At the long road ahead (在遙遠旅程的前方)

we can look at each other if you are here ( 若你也在 我們就能彼此凝望)

I’ll protect this love that doesn’t change (守護不變的愛)

I’ll never forget about it (是的 永遠不會遺忘)

Oh,with this loneliness Even if time were to stop flowing (Oh 即使時間 因為寂寞而停止流動)

Oh,because every road continues to lead to you (Oh 無論哪一條道路 也都通向你)

Here,we can throw away our sorrow immediately (悲傷即刻捨棄 在此)

Even through it doesn’t reflect the tear-coloured you (雖然沒有映照著淚色的你)

I wish that at least the sight of me living will reach you (但只希望你能看見 我現在活在當下的模樣)

If we were to look back (若是回首佇足)

our footsteps would have covered a great distance (二人步伐必定會疏遠)

our intertwined fates will not be dissolved now (已繫連在一起命運 現在 不會再讓它離散)

At the long road ahead,I keep thinking of you (在遙遠旅程的前方 你一直想做你的事情)

Together with you,we can surely build a world without lies (我們二人 一定能創造 毫無虛假的世界)

(This is only the partial English lyrics,not the full English lyrics)

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