There is only one thing that you should instinctively protect (該守護之物毫無疑問地 唯有一樣)

The echoes of yelling (吶喊聲的回音)

sounding hollowly deep within the woods (在廣大的森林深處空洞地迴響)

The reason to be able to hold back the tears (壓抑住淚水的理由是)

being the warmth of our entwined fingers (輕撫的手指太過溫暖)

A future without you is a future without meaning (沒有你的未來 等於無意義的未來)

We will never part again (因此不會再與你分離)

I shall face the world with you (與你共同面對的世界)

A world never seen before (未曾見過的世界)

Through time and space,we will travel far (超越時空 我們展開遙遠旅程)

(This is only the partial English lyrics,not the full English lyrics) 

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